Editorial product development and management - lessons from the Guardian

The Guardian’s head of technology strategy Stephen Dun has been interviewed by the Association of Online Publishers about the product development process at Guardian News and Media:

Some of the most successful products are bespoke to a specific platform.

We’ll be discussing product development and management with speakers from the Financial Times, Microsoft and more at news:rewired - beyond the story.

Tickets, while still available, can be bought at this link for just £100 (+VAT).

Why the product manager shall inherit the earth

Interesting thoughts of Nic Newman, former world editor of the BBC News website, ahead of an AOP event on 9 December - useful for our business models session at

For me the future of many media companies depends on their ability to build digital media products that consumers love and want to come back to again and again.

In an ultra-competitive world, only those products and services that are easy to use and provide a compelling experience will be successful.

Increasingly these products are more complex to put together and require a mix of technical, editorial, design and marketing skills - and all of that needs to be orchestrated and co-ordinated with the needs of the audience in mind.

That’s why product managers are going to be increasingly important figures in the media industry.